About Us

The company was organized on November 30th, 1876 as Pella Farmers Mutual Insurance Company in an effort to provide affordable insurance and prompt service. At that time insurance companies were located in larger cities, insurance was expensive and the service to rural areas was very slow. Therefore, the need existed for a local company that could take care of its members who were also their neighbors. The first year 28 members applied for coverage totaling $28,700 in the townships of Pella and Grant in Shawano County. The same principles which guided the original founders in 1876 have remained over time and are evident as the company now writes insurance in 16 counties and has in excess of $1 billion of coverage in force.

The name of the company was changed to Pella Mutual Insurance Company in 1991 to better represent the company, as it now wrote many other policy types.

Pella Mutual Insurance Company has been at the current location since the spring of 1990 when construction of the office building was completed. The company also became computerized at that time.

Policyholders are the owners of the company guided by 9 board members who are also policyholders. Premiums are used for the payment of losses and expenses. There are no stockholders, so the main objective is not the value of the stock or dividend payments to the investors. Pella Mutual’s main goals are providing the best service possible and being there when it matters most – should a loss occur.