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Personal Property Inventory

What should you do when a loss occurs?
Following is information that will assist you in the event of a loss. It outlines how further damage can be prevented and what other documentation will be needed to process your claim.

Protect Property From Further Damage
No matter what type of a loss, you must take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage. If damage is due to a covered loss your policy will pay for emergency repairs to prevent further damage.

  • In case of roof damage – tarp the roof to avoid water or other damage to the inside.
  • Insulate and/or board up after fire, wind, hail or a break-in to secure property. This can help prevent additional damage or freeze up.
  • When appropriate shut off the water.
  • If at all possible during the winter, maintain heat in the building to avoid additional frozen pipes or plumbing damages. If impossible to maintain heat, put anti-freeze into all plumbing fixtures and if necessary contact a plumber to winterize the plumbing.


  • Only do those repairs necessary to prevent further damage.
  • Give the company representative an opportunity to see the damage.
  • In case of lightning damage to electronic equipment or appliances please do not discard or destroy the item(s) until agreed to with the company representative.

You will need to obtain a detailed estimate from the contractor or repair company that will be used to complete the repairs. Repair estimates can be sent, faxed or
e-mailed to:
Mail - Pella Mutual Insurance Company, W11261 County Rd D, Marion , WI 54950
Fax - 715-754-2955
E-mail –

Damage To Personal Property
You will normally be asked to complete inventory forms when a number of personal property items have been damaged. The company representative will supply these forms to you. Any additional documentation is helpful. This could include photos, the bill of sale or anything else that lists the item, cost and original date of purchase.

Additional Information
There may be circumstances where we require additional information. Likewise, please provide any additional information which you feel we should have or which will help complete your claim.

Your Claim Is Important To Us
Once your claim is reported we will make every effort to contact you within the first 24 hours from the time the claim was reported. It is very important to us to begin assisting you with your loss.